Dad accuses Disney of calling his 11-year-old a hacker

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I am thrown a little off course when I hear that Disney may have falsely accused an 11-year-old boy of hacking the Pirates of the Caribbean video game and disabled his account.

The account I have read comes from the boy’s dad, Brian Guy. Guy is a manager of MySQL’s hardy pirates at Sun Microsystems. He also has a blog, which was positively fulminating with frustration Tuesday, as Guy told the story of his son’s video game review site.

The site,, seems to this untrained eye to be a rather fine construction, full of wit and wisdom. For example: “While my parents are busy cleaning the house for Thanksgiving, I am busy checking out free online games.= )”

Yet Carson’s dad says: “Disney has falsely accused my 11-year-old son of hacking the online game, and Disney temporarily banned his account. They sent him a curt e-mail lecturing him about something he didn’t even do.”

Click the picture above for the complete article from CNET.

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