Customize Your Style With The New Disney Flair Collection


Get ready to customize your style with the latest fashion collection from Disney Store and shopDisney! The new Disney Flair Collection is made to let you show off your own personal style. This collection makes a magical style statement when you add pins and accessories to these unique new bags.

There are two customisable bag styles available, a backpack and a crossbody. Each bag comes in the choice of red, or black! Each bag has perforated faux leather panels, so you can add your personal flair! The pinhole pattern is perfect for adding pins, so they will stay secure, and not ruin your bag as well.

To commemorate this new collection Disney Store has also launched a fun new collection of pins! These pins have popular characters with trendy themes.

The customizable options don’t end with the pins though! There are even separate straps sold, so you can customize your style even further.

There is also a fun assortment of bag charms! The bags also have hardware loops on the, so you can attach these to more than just the zippers. My personal favorites are the fuzzy charms.

The new Disney Flair Collection can be found both online at shopDisney, as well as at local Disney Stores.

Plus right now guests who purchase one of the new flair bags will also get an exclusive golden Disney Store Key pin for free!

How will you show off your Disney Flair?

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