Unlock The Opening Ceremony Magic With The Disney Store Key Pin

Have you always wanted to participate in the Opening Ceremony of the Disney Store? Of course you have, who hasn’t? If you’ve ever missed out on that magic moment, or you don’t have a Disney Store near you, you can now unlock that magic with the new Disney Store Key Pin! This gorgeous pin is inspired by the opening ceremony key, and is also part of the new Disney Flair Collection.

Disney Store keys have also become a highly sought after collectible this year. So this pin is an extra fun collectible!

Opening Ceremony Key

Disney Store Key Pin

This sculpted pin with enamel accents is a detailed replica of the special key used in the opening ceremony of many Disney Stores. Some Disney Stores, like my personal one have the Unlock the Magic book instead. This key is great way to commemorate your own opening ceremony. It also makes a beautiful keepsake if you’ve never participated or been to one.

The decorative card the key comes on also has its own it of magic. It looks just like the magical lock at the front of the store for the ceremony! It is such a beautifully packaged piece, that I am actually torn between using the pin, or keeping it on the card! The magical key pin retails for just $9.99 too.

Will you be adding this Disney Store Key Pin to your collection?

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