Content Disclaimer Shown Before Older Movies on Disney+

Disney Puts Content Disclaimer on Older Disney+ Content

Disney has put a content disclaimer on a variety of its older content on Disney+. This disclaimer warns watchers that they might see “outdated cultural depictions” while watching. 

After Disney+ launched on Tuesday, users noticed that movies like “Dumbo”, “The Aristocats”, “The Jungle Book”, and the original “Lady and the Tramp” contained a warning at the ends of their beginning descriptions. The disclaimer warned those watching that what they are about to see may contain racial stereotypes and “outdated cultural depictions”. 

“Dumbo” has been largely criticized in past years for depicting two crows (played by a white actor) that speak in stereotypical African-American voices. 

“The Jungle Book” has encountered the same issue with a group of monkeys being portrayed with negative and outdated African-American traits. 

The “We Are Siamese” song and scene from “Lady and the Tramp” was deemed so offensive that Disney took it out of the newly released, live-action version of the film. 

Have you noticed this content disclaimer on any other films? 

Source: Fox News. 

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Katelyn G