Disney+ Answers the Question “Is Iron Man 3 a Christmas Movie?”

Disney+ Answers the Question “Is Iron Man 3 a Christmas Movie?” An age old debate in cinema, if the story in a film takes place over The Holidays, does that make it a Christmas movie? Personally, if my husband can consider Die Hard a Christmas movie I sure can count Iron Man 3. Though I am no where near a reigning authority in cinema, it appears Disney has ended one online debate between Marvel Fans: “Is Iron Man 3 a Christmas Movie?”

We found our answer via Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+. Most Marvel titles, including Iron Man 3, are currently available to stream for Disney+ subscribers. So, we took to the search bar to answer this burning question.

If you search “Christmas” in the search bar while using Disney+, Iron Man 3 IS included in the suggested titles list towards the bottom, deeming it a Christmas movie! Cue the snowfall and jingle bells!

Do you consider Iron Man 3 a Christmas movie? What other famous movies do you consider Christmas movies, but others may disagree? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Featured Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

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