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  1. 8

    Megan K

    went to the good will store once. Found a pressed penny book from Disney that had pressed pennies in it from the parks. 🙂
    i got it for $1.00

  2. 7

    Sharon Rhodes

    I need to do this. I wish that I had started years ago!!!!

  3. 6


    I have seen people make charms out of them. Drill a small hole, attach a jump ring and lobster clasp. It then can go on a charm bracelet.

  4. 5


    Thanks for this! We started my 3 year old on this when we went this year and he loved it! He wants to do the pennies everywhere we go. I see the pennies as a Disney tradition for our family!

  5. 4


    I believe they sell books that you can store them in. Not necessarily cool but its an option.

  6. 3


    Does anyone have any cool suggestions on what to do with the pennies once we have them?

  7. 2

    Becky Lee

    Really could have used these maps on our trip in March. I made a list of what ones I already had & then compared my list with any machine I came across.

  8. 1

    Teresa Smith Walker

    I always wanted those maps!! Thanks!! 🙂

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