What to do when it’s COLD at Disney!


New packages for 2015 are out now and this means planning for winter trips is right around the corner!

I love going to Disney when it’s chilly.  It never really stays COLD all day, it normally warms up by afternoon.  Here are some tips if you are planning a trip and it looks like there is going to be a cold snap during your visit.

1.  Pack gloves and a hat.  I know it sounds silly if you are going to Florida, but they take up little to no space in your luggage and you will be glad you have them.  You can shed them as you warm up during the day.  No one wants to ride a roller coaster in the wind without gloves if it is already cold out!

2.  Drink some cocoa – this always helps, plus it’s fun to do for a treat.

3.  Layer.  Start with a tshrt, then a long sleeve, lastly a sweatshirt.  You can peel them off one by one and put them back on one by one too.  No need to carry a big bag around – stash everyone’s sweatshirt in a locker if you don’t want to lug it around.

4.  Skip the winter coat.  Yes, really.  It’s too bulky to carry if you decide to shed it.  This goes along with #3 – layers are better than a big puffy coat.  If you have a North Face type of jacket, this is perfect for layering under – they make cheap knock-offs at WalMart that we bought before our last winter trip.  I even found cool Disney pins to put on the chest – it was a fun surprise on the way to the airport.

5.  Hollywood Studios is great if it’s cold.  Most of the rides are indoors and you can speed walk from one to the next.  Avoid the World Showcase at Epcot, especially if it’s windy.  That is a chilly, long, walk.

6.  If your kids are in a stroller, bring some blankets.  You can even just grab a towel or two from your hotel room.  You may be warmer than they are since you are doing the walking and pushing!

7.  SKIP the water rides.  This just goes without saying…

8.  If you get REALLY cold like me and will stay that way for the day, wear some Under Armour.  I wore Under Armour leggings under cargo pants in February when it was freezing.  I was able to ditch the sweatshirt before everyone else and felt much less encumbered.

8.  Hold hands (doesn’t this always warm you up?)  Plus, it’s Disney and you should be holding hands with your family!

10,  Did you skip the weather forecast all together and pack just tank tops?  Catch a cab and head to the closest Wal Mart.  You may want to buy an extra duffle bag or two to get all of your new clothes home!

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2 thoughts on “What to do when it’s COLD at Disney!

  1. I crocheted character hats for my kids when we went! Buzz and Mike Wazowski loved them and Woody was upset that I didn’t make his cowboy hat. It was great interaction for all of us!!

  2. I agree 100% about packing hats and gloves. We went one year when a nasty cold front came in. The gift shops were more than happy to sell you tiny, thin dollar store quality gloves for $10 a pair. You needed to double them up just to get warm! If you have a family of 4 or more to buy for, that’s a big expense!

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