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    Never been and never will. Personally, I think the price(s) are ridiculous! Just another way to cater to the “RICH”! I’m a DVC Member and that’s enough for me!

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    Xolon del Xulo (@thecolonelmc)

    I was lucky enough to eat at B33 at Disneyland, right there in New Orleans square with a balcony that looks out at Tom Sawyer’s island. It was very “old school fancy” (which is to say it had lots of gilded gold furnishings and a totally inappropriate statute of ‘litlle black sambo’), it was very expensive ($500 for three of us, inc. drinks), and the food was so-so by Southern California standards.

    That said, it was a ton of fun. Our waiter said we were free to hang out on the porch having drinks (which we did, waiving at the poor plebes walking around below), the service was great, and the other diners were very interesting. At one table it was an old rich white guy executive type with his wife; at the next it was a goth band in full rocker regalia (not sure if maybe they were performing in or around the park that night). The best part of all was that our dinner lasted past park closing time, so after we were done they walked us back through a closed park, just us and the dozens upon dozens of people who do their jobs after the park closes. That was worth the price of admission alone.

    Definitely one for the bucket list; I spent another $300 at the gift shop on the way out, certain I’ll probably never be there again.

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