Citrus Blossom Has Sold Out of Orange Bird Sippers

The Flower and Garden Festival is underway at Epcot and one of the biggest hot ticket items has been the Orange Bird Sipper available for purchase at Citrus Blossom.  The cute little sipper came with an Orange Cream Slushy inside and was a hot ticket item at the festival this year.

We stopped by today for another slushy and found out that they have already sold out of the first batch they got in for the festival. The original order of 45K sippers have gone like the wind…

Look at those empty counters! The Cast Member we spoke to said there are more coming soon, but for now they are completely sold out.

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Heather Adamczak

3 thoughts on “Citrus Blossom Has Sold Out of Orange Bird Sippers

  1. is there any way to contact anyone to find out when they will be back on sale? I don’t have an annual pass- just a one park ticket so I don’t have the option of just popping in to see if it is available. Thanks

  2. They are indeed sold out but only sold about 12,000 or so total. This 45,000/50,000 number that’s been floating around is inaccurate, more are coming to get closer to that estimate but no set date at the moment, estimated 2 to 3 weeks.

  3. They aren’t sold out. A cast member told us that they were stopping selling them for a short period of time and that they will be back. They have 50,000 of them from the start and 3000 were sold the first day

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