Cinderella brings the Disney Magic to local Orlando Neighborhood


An Orlando neighborhood witnessed a special surprise on April 21, 2020. Cinderella rode through a neighborhood with a horse pulling her inside her iconic carriage. The Disney Princess brought a spark of joy and excitement to the Orlando residents. “I hope you’re having a magical day,” said Cinderella as she paraded down one residential street.

Cinderella’s magical visit was a surprise to local residents. One neighborhood resident, Cindy Williams, filmed a clip of Cinderella and her horse-drawn carriage. You can watch it below.

“So Cinderella just came through our neighborhood and I full on ugly cried,” wrote Cindy Simmons.

How would you feel if you saw a Disney Princess pass your home? Seeing Cinderella is delightful given the temporary closure of the Disney theme parks. A local carriage company gave Cinderella a ride through different streets to help entertain during quarantine. The Princess certainly delivered Disney magic for families staying home. This kind of entertainment is inspirational to kids who miss meeting their favorite Disney characters.

Many Disney fans are missing the magical entertainment found in Disney’s theme parks. Having Cinderella pass through this neighborhood reminds everyone that Walt Disney World will be open to guests once again after this pandemic.

Source: Fox 6 Now


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Kevin Koszola