Churro Bites Cereal Sundae at Hungry Bear Restaurant

Churro Bites Cereal Sundae at Hungry Bear Restaurant

Churro Bites Cereal Sundae at Hungry Bear Restaurant. The Churro Bites Cereal Sundae can be found at Critter Country’s Hungry Bear Restaurant as part of the special Halloween Time menu.  Situated next to Disneyland’s Rivers of America, the Hungry Bear Resturant is known for its quick service comfortable atmosphere and menu that will satisfy the biggest of appetites.

Known for its funnel cakes, it only makes sense that Hungry Bear Resturant would feature the Churro Bites Cereal Sundae during the Halloween festivities currently taking place at the Disneyland Resort.  If you remember, and liked, the Kevin Churro during Pixar Fest, then the Churro Bites Cereal Sundae is sure to be a quick favorite.  The churro bites of this fun sundae have a dusting of crushed fruity pebbles in lieu of the traditional cinnamon sugar.  A perfect complement to the crushed cereal coating on the churro bites is the cereal milk anglaise, a French-style custard sauce, that is drizzled over the churro bites.   Adding to the simple deliciousness of the desert is the large scoop of strawberry ice cream that’s topped with a raspberry sauce and even more fruity pebbles, and no sundae would be completed without a fresh banana and this dessert doesn’t disappoint.

To simplify your life and maximize your time at the parks don’t forget that the Hungry Bear Restaurant offers mobile ordering (and AP discounts can be applied), which has quickly become a time-saving tool for my family at the parks.  So, open your Disneyland app, give it a try and order the Churro Bites Cereal Sundae and spend the extra time sitting by the River of America’s edge waving at the Mark Twain as it sails by.

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