Chip & Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree Scavenger Hunt with Mini Pins

Chip & Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree Scavenger Hunt

The holiday festivities are back at Epcot, and this year it’s for the Festival of the Holidays. Like other events, there’s a scavenger hunt to add a little extra sprinkle of fun to your journey around the World Showcase. Chip & Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree Scavenger Hunt takes you around the world showcase, with a special prize for completing the checklist.

You can purchase this scavenger hunt map at select locations in Epcot for $6.99. Once you have a map, you’ll travel around the World Showcase, looking for Chip and Sale who are collecting ornaments for their Christmas Tree. After you’ve helped Chip and Dale find an ornament in each country, you’ll be rewarded with a special prize!

You’ll have the opportunity to choose from one of three sets of mini buttons! The button packs come with 1 medium button, and five mini buttons. The main button says Chip and Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree, and then each mini features a different ornament you helped the feisty little chipmunk pals find around the showcase.

You can get all three sets, if you purchase the map 3 times. There are some repeats in the sets though, which is great if siblings are sharing.

The Chip & Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree Scavenger Hunt is definetly a fun activity to do with family and friends of all ages.



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