Chinatown Debuts As Wonderful Addition to Swan & Dolphin Food & Wine Classic


Chinatown made its debut at the Swan & Dolphin Food & Wine Classic this year.  This new area is a wonderful addition to an already phenomenal event.  Chinatown featured Crispy Duck, Shanghai Dumpling and Lucky Buddha Enlightened Beer.

Chinatown’s Crispy Duck with Steamed Bun and Cucumber Hoisin was delicious.  The duck was crispy as you bit into it.  The crisp of the duck, combined with the soft spongy texture of the steamed bun, and the cucumber hoisin was a treat for the palate.  The steamed bun had a very interesting texture that was actually quite good and enhanced the overall flavors.  I definitely recommend you try the Crispy Duck if you attend the Swan & Dolphin Food & Wine Classic in 2017.

The Shanghai Dumpling was a Pan Roasted Pork Dumpling with Spicy Sauce.  The Dumpling was actually a bit crisp with a lot of substance.  The Spicy Sauce really enhanced the flavor of the dumpling.  I recommend the dumpling to anyone who enjoys a bit of spice with their meal.

The Lucky Buddha Enlightened Beer made a good addition to the food offered at Chinatown.  While I do not care for beer at all, I found the flavor to be light but pleasing.  The gentlemen pouring the beer, was also giving the empty beer bottles to any woman who said that yes, they would like one.

The lines were quite long for the offerings at Chinatown.  This is likely the result of this area being a new addition to the 2016 Food & Wine Classic.  I can assure you that the food was worth the wait.  Be forewarned that Chinatown was highly popular and this will likely hold true if Chinatown is a part of the Swan & Dolphin Food & Wine Classic next year.

What do you think of the addition of Chinatown to the Swan & Dolphin Food & Wine Classic?

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