Child Mistakes Bride for Cinderella During Wedding Photo Session

In the small sleepy town of Akron, NY a real-life Disney fairytale was brought to life. Olivia Spark was in Akron Falls Park on her wedding day shooting her wedding photos with the beautiful falls behind her when she heard little Layla call out “Cinderella!” See the details of this adorable tale here:

“I would like to share this story from yesterday in hopes of finding a woman and her daughter from Akron. My son Caleb and his new bride, Olivia, stopped at Akron Falls park for photos after their wedding ceremony, about 4:00pm. While they were walking through the park, they heard a little voice yelling “Cinderella, wait!”. A little girl, about 4 years old, came running to Olivia with her arms opened wide. The little girl was autistic and was so overjoyed to be seeing “Cinderella”. She told Olivia she was beautiful and wanted to touch her dress. My son, and daughter in law and their wedding party were moved to tears by this little girl. Their photographer took photos of the little girl and they spent some time with her. Then Cinderella explained that they had to go because she had a ball to get to. Olivia and Caleb would like to find this mother and her daughter so that they can give her some photos from yesterday for this little girl to keep. Please share this with anyone you may know from Akron in hopes of finding her. Thank you.” the groom’s mom, Angela Spark

It didn’t take long at all! Within hours the little girl was found on social media!  The bride had a sweet reunion at the location back at Akron Falls Park to have some additional photos done too!  This story is especially sweet for me because this all happened in my backyard. I am born and raised in Akron, NY and the park where these photos are taken has lots of history including the “Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage” that brides from all over come to have photos in.

Check out this heartwarming video of the original meeting here:


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