Chef Remy and You at Tokyo Disneyland!

Tokyo DisneySea is currently hosting ‘Pixar Playtime’ and for a limited time only our favourite French mouse is making an appearance! Staring in his own show, “Chef Remy and You” running from 11th January to 25th March 2019!

A pop-up French restaurant, Ratatouille from the Disney Pixar film of the same name is back on the Mediterranean Harbor! Staring alongside the culinary genius is the cheerful waiter and the chefs-in-training to take orders from the guests. They try to prepare the special full-course meal of the day, however, they don’t succeed. Don’t fear! Chef Remy is here! He shows up just on time to encourage everyone to join and prepare the meal together!

Following Chef Remy’s directions, the guests will “cook” happily together with the chefs-in-training and together will produce a special French meal!

Bon Appetite!

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Tessa H