Check Out How Disney is Helping to Reverse the Decline of Siberian Cranes

Last Friday was World Wetlands Day,  which each year draws attention to the importance of wetlands which are essential to the future survival of wildlife such as the beautiful migratory birds, the Siberian cranes.

These beautiful birds are a critically endangered species with fewer than 4,000 existing in the wild. Also called the “snow crane” due to their white plumages, these birds migrate further than any crane flying 3,200 from Eastern Siberia to a lake in Southeast China called Poyang Lake. They make this trip twice a year.

The cranes feed primarily on aquatic plants. For this reason, wetlands along their migratory route are crucial to their survival. However, these wetland habitats are threatened as a result of agricultural development and increasing demands for water by humans.

Disney’s Animal, Science and Environment Cast in conjunction with the Disney Conservation Fund are working with the ICF (International Crane Foundation) to reverse the decline of the Siberian cranes by working with China and Russia on improving wetland management as well as ecotourism involving these beautiful birds.

To learn more about these and other migratory birds as well as Disney’s role in wildlife conservation, visit

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