1. 4

    Lorraine A Yorke

    I TOTALLY agree with Patricia…security is needed not only at the entrance of the parks, but, en route to there and such. VERY glad for this type of change.

  2. 3

    Patricia Patel

    I have always wondered why they didn’t have security BEFORE you got onto the monorail! Makes more since!

  3. 2

    Carol mcgehee

    I am glad to see this happen. I was a bit concerned with the bottleneck in front of the entrance. When we were there earlier this month, people didn’t really didnt know where to go. I was glad,however, not ro climb down the hill and back up the hill to security. Spreading security should help us get into the parks sooner.

  4. 1

    Scott Schuchmann

    I think it is a long time coming. Saftey is the most important to the company. Hopefully WDW will also check to make sure that only those entitled willuse theresirt buses.

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