Celebration Buttons at Walt Disney World can add a little extra Magic to your Vacation



Did you know that when you visit  Walt Disney World you can get a special button for FREE to show everyone that you are Celebrating on your vacation.   Disney offers free buttons that you can get at the front desk of your Resort, if you are staying on property or at Guest Relations, located each park entrance.  The following Buttons are available….

  • First Visit
  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Family Reunion
  • Happily Ever After
  • Just Engaged
  • I’m Celebrating (this one has a blank that you can fill in anything!)

Whether it is your First Visit! Anniversary! College Graduation! Kindergarten Grad! Cancer Free! Adoption! Engagement! Family Vacation! Just Being at Walt Disney World! The Celebrations are Endless!!! Get your button and wear it proudly!  These buttons let cast members and other guests know that you are celebrating something special.  You’ll likely get lots of extra smiles.  Be sure to let every cast member you see know that it is your special day, you never know what may happen.  You could get picked first for an attraction, lead the parade, get a free cupcake with dinner, a commemorative certificate, or a special balloon, card or picture sent to your room!  Nothing is guaranteed, but you never know when a little extra pixie dust may get sprinkled on your celebration!

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