Celebrating Mickey’s Birthday With Philharmagic!

Tokyo Disneyland is celebrating Mickey’s birthday by discussing Philharmagic. This magical show stars the main mouse Mickey, his pal Donald and a whole host of lovable Disney characters. This show can be found in Fantasyland near the castle at Tokyo Disneyland.

In the show, Mickey is the famous conductor of the “Philharmonic Orchestra” but when combined with magic, coins the name “Philharmagic!”.

Inside the holding area, check out the beautiful chandeliers and cases filled with memorabilia from famous Disney Classics which feature in the show. The walls are also lined with fantastic posters of works that have played in the famous concert hall. My personal favourite is Genie singing the blues!


When its close to showtime, Minnie who is the manager of this hall will direct guests to the opening doors. It is time to take your seats and prepare for the magic to unfold as this awesome show begins!

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Tessa H