“Celebrating Marvel’s Stan Lee” TV special coming soon to ABC

Stan Lee

Both ABC News and Marvel Entertainment recently announced a TV special dedicated to the memory of Stan Lee’s legacy. “Celebrating Marvel’s Stan Lee” is a taped ABC special filled with celebrity interviews and never-before-seen footage of the comic book legend. The special will also include comic book writers and artists sharing their memories of Stan. Notable movie stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as Tom Hiddleston and Clark Gregg, will discuss the life and legacy of Stan Lee.

ABC will air “Celebrating Marvel’s Stan Lee” on December 20th at 8:00PM EST. Stan “The Man” Lee helped create a slew of Marvel superheroes. Some of his notable creations include the Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Uncanny X-Men, and the Incredible Hulk. Stan Lee was an inspiration to many with his story-telling. Stan’s work made a lasting impact on pop culture and the movie industry. His work is what laid the foundation for the success of comic book movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Stan Lee

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Kevin Koszola