Catch A Ray Of Sunshine With The New Dapper Yellow Disney Spirit Jersey

A ray of sunshine is ready to shine bright at the Disney Parks this month! The newest color trend Spirit Jersey with a bold color that’s perfect for Spring. The dapper Yellow Disney Spirit is like a ray of captured sunshine, and will arrive on March 22nd.

Bright and colorful like a dew covered buttercup, this new jersey looks cozy and adorable. Glittery puffed ink spells out Disneyland or Walt Disney World on the back, with a matching logo on the front, depending on the park you get it from. This jersey adds another variety to the rainbow of colors available, and I can already think of several DisneyBound ideas it would be perfect for. Belle, Jane, Joy, Honey Lemon, the list goes on!

Just like the beautiful array of Minnie Mouse ears, it looks like we can look forward to seeing new and updated Spirit Jerseys as the year goes on! Personally, I hope we see new Disney Princess inspired Jerseys too.

The last major color Spirit Jersey was the Potion Purple one, and it released with a whole array of coordinating merchandise and snacks. I’m wondering if we’ll see the same for the Dapper Yellow, I really hope so!

What do you think of the sunshine inspired Yellow Disney Spirit Jersey headed to the Disney Parks on March 22nd? Will you be adding this one to your collection of Spirit Jerseys?

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