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  1. 96


    Thank you for all you do

  2. 95

    Ashley Howard Carr

    We would love to win this. It is so adorable!! #dumbogiveaway

  3. 94


    I would love to add this to my Disney collection!! 💙 #dumbogiveaway

  4. 93

    Kathy Salameda

    Would love to win this for my youngest son’s popcorn bucket collection! #dumbogiveaway

  5. 92

    Angela Thompson

    I love Dumbo! #dumbogiveaway

  6. 91


    My son and daughter both LOVE Dumbo, but we won’t be back to Disney until September.

  7. 90


    Our family really enjoys your WDW information. Your family passed us while we were chowing down on Kringla Bakeri treats last summer and we almost stopped you then to express our gratitude, but didn’t want to interrupt your family time. Thanks for the valuable info! #dumbogiveaway

  8. 89


    My mom loves dumbo would be a great mothers day gift #dumbogiveaway

  9. 88

    Amanda Nichols

    This is so cute

  10. 87


    so cute!! my son would love this!!

  11. 86

    Lauren Cline

    So cute! Would love to surprise my step-daughter with this!


  12. 85

    Lauren Cline

    So cute! Would love to surprise my step-daughter with this!

  13. 84


    My fiancé and I would love this for our upcoming trip!

  14. 83

    Jennifer Bryant

    Would love to win this!! In the process of adopting 3 boys and the youngest one just loves Dumbo!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  15. 82

    Selina southard

    Would love to win. I love all things disney

  16. 81

    Megan Stepp


  17. 80

    Niki Zucca

    Thanks for the opportunity! This is the cutest sipper ever! #dumbogiveaway

  18. 79

    Niki Zucca

    This is the cutest sipper ever!

  19. 78

    dani owen

    This is too cute i love it! #dumbogiveaway

  20. 77

    Chelsey Davis

    We love Dumbo ! #dumbogiveaway

  21. 76

    Lynn Haley

    These are the cutest souvenirs I’ve seen in a while. Thank you so much for doing a wonderful giveaway like this. #dumbogiveaway

  22. 75


    What a better accessory for when I go to the Parks than this #dumbogiveaway sipper?! Too cute that they connect together

  23. 74

    Jen A

    Dumbo is adorable! #dumbogiveaway

  24. 73


    This would be amazing in my Disney inspired classroom!!! Love it! #dumbogiveaway

  25. 72


    Would love to win this!

  26. 71


    So cute #dumbogiveaway

  27. 70


    I love this combo… it is so cute

  28. 69

    Miranda Mijares

    This is so cute! I would love to have one! #dumbogiveaway

  29. 68


    Love the popcorn bucket,wished I was home to get one

  30. 67

    Carrie Apperson

    I missed getting them when I was in Disney recently and LOVE Dumbo!!

  31. 66


    Can’t wait to find out who wins! #dumbogiveaway

  32. 65



  33. 64

    Cindy Rehm

    An adorable combo❤️ I have loved the classic movie and look forward to the new movie ☺️ #dumbogiveaway

  34. 63


    My Mom introduced me to Dumbo as a child and I have done the same for my year old daughter! Dumbo is her absolute favorite. She has a baby dumbo doll that she goes EVERYWHERE with! Hoping to win this for her!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  35. 62

    Jill Signorelli

    Would love to win! Rode Casey Jr Circus train for the first time last month.

  36. 61


    This is adorable!!!

  37. 60


    So amazingly cute!!!!!!

  38. 59


    This is adorable! I love dumbo! My daughter would love this! #dumbogiveaway

  39. 58


    Would love to win this!

  40. 57

    Beth junkin

    Love love love Dumbo!!!!

  41. 56

    Cindy Biegel

    We would love this for my Son who is having a Disney themed graduation party! #dumbogiveaway!

  42. 55

    Dona Coffey

    This is such a great combo. I would love to get this set for my granddaughter

  43. 54


    I’m in 😍!! This one has to be my favorite combo. 🐘 I ❤️ Dumbo.

  44. 53

    Niccole Gaynor

    They are adorable! #dumbogiveawa

  45. 52


    This is the cutest popcorn bucket and drink cup I love Dumbo! ❤🐘

  46. 51


    I am so jealous I’m not going to Disney until May, but I’m going to see my favorite little elephant in theaters tonight! #dumbogiveaway

  47. 50


    This is one of the cutest popcorn buckets!

  48. 49

    Amy Johnson

    Amazing giveaway! You guys always take care of your fans! Dumbo is my absolute favorite and my little guy LOVES trains! This is the perfect set! #dumbogiveaway

  49. 48

    Terra Feist

    This guy is the perfect addition to my collection of popcorn buckets ❤️🤞🏻 #dumbogiveaway

  50. 47

    Christina M

    We just saw the movie and loved it! What a good message for kids about being different and kindness. Would love this popcorn bucket

  51. 46


    My foster (soon to be adopted!) daughter would love this- I cry every time I hear the Baby Mine song 😭

  52. 45


    We love Dumbo and my son loves to eat popcorn, it’s one of his favorite snacks! So adorable 💙

  53. 44


    My mom has always loved dumbo and was the very first person to buy the midnight premiere tickets from our theater! She would absolutely love to have this cup! Her favorite ride at Disney World is the flying dumbo! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I couldn’t think of a better gift than this! #dumbogiveaway

  54. 43


    My mom has always loved dumbo and was the very first person to buy the midnight premiere tickets from our theater! She would absolutely love to have this cup! Her favorite ride at Disney World is the flying dumbo! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I couldn’t think of a better gift than this!

  55. 42

    Carrie Sharpe Fountain

    #ilovedumbo so cute!

  56. 41

    Jessica DaSilva

    Would love to win this popcorn bucket!!! So adorable!!! #Dumbogiveaway

  57. 40


    Love this popcorn bucket 😍🐘🎪

  58. 39

    Tricia Lafo

    Love Dumbo! ❤️❤️❤️

  59. 38

    Rebecca Berry

    This bucket is so cute!!💕🐘⛺🎪🚂

  60. 37


    I love this set! It’s adorable.

  61. 36

    Nicole Yurecko

    He is just too cute! Cant make it out to DL anytime soon, so this would be awesome!!

  62. 35


    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a cute combo. #dumbogiveaway

  63. 34


    This is soo cute would love to win dumbo T.T


  64. 33

    Adrian Horruitiner

    I would love to win this for our popcorn collection

  65. 32

    Alyssa Reid

    i want this dumbo things so bad one of my fave movies

  66. 31


    I’d love to win!!!! 💙 #dumbogiveaway

  67. 30


    would love this for my small collection!

  68. 29


    I’d love to win!!! 💙

  69. 28


    I’m a huge Dumbo fan! I would love to add this to my collection! #dumbogiveaway

  70. 27

    Katie Alexander

    Awww, my daughter would love this! Popcorn AND Dumbo are her favorite! 😍 #dumbogiveaway

  71. 26

    Katie Alexander

    Aww. My daughter would LOVE this! Popcorn AND Dumbk are her favorite 😍

  72. 25

    Ashley Chenoweth

    Would absolutely love this as my daughter is a huge Dumbo fan ! #dumbogiveaway

  73. 24


    Would love this!!

  74. 23


    All time favorite Disney movie! I’ve been so excited since they announced this movie!! #dumbogiveaway

  75. 22


    Dumbo is my brothers favorite and now my 2nd daughter, his goddaughter, loves Dumbo too! #dumbogiveaway

  76. 21

    Candice Britain

    This would make a GREAT Easter gift! Thanks for
    the opportunity! #dumbogiveaway

  77. 20

    Kimberly Morgan

    Thanks for a chance win. I just love Dumbo!!

  78. 19

    Erin DiCola

    This bucket is adorable!!

  79. 18


    Saw the movie this past weekend. We loved it! So cute! #dumbogiveaway

  80. 17


    This is super cute! Wonder if they will still have them when we go Saturday.

  81. 16


    Super cute and i love dumbo! #dumbogiveaway

  82. 15

    Kim H

    I would love to win these! So adorable!

  83. 14

    Jennifer Sloan

    Super cute set!! Fingers crossed—couldn’t get one this week when we were there. They were already sold out! #dumbogiveaway

  84. 13


    Thanks for the chance to win this will go great with my popcorn bucket collection

  85. 12

    Rachel Watson

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this! My husband’s name is Casey and my son’s middle name is Casey. Casey Jr is a nickname for my son. We tried to decorate his room in Casey Jr but it was so hard to find Casey Jr stuff. We have Casey Jr vintage wall decor from the 1950s and a Casey Jr figurine, and this popcorn bucket would be so amazing to add to his collection! We went to Disney earlier in March and we went to the gift shop by the Dumbo ride to inquire about Casey Jr merchandise they said they had none. The Casey Jr Splash station was even closed 🙁 #dumbogiveaway

  86. 11

    vivaciousgold (@vivaciousgold)

    There is always a great souvenir from Disney that I would love to add to my collection. The themed foods are always a delight for everyone of all ages. #dumbogiveaway

  87. 10


    This would look adorable next to my Dumbo Pop Figurines! This is my all time favorite Disney movie! Thanks for the opportunity to get this adorable set! I’d have one if I could get to Disneyland!

  88. 9

    Chris Landon

    I would love to win this. I did everything but Twitter. I don’t use that. #dumbogiveaway

  89. 8


    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  90. 7


    Woah, another great chance to win some amazing goodies! Thanks for all the opportunities!

  91. 6

    Debbie Hadinger

    This is a great dumbo giveaway!! Would I’ve to win but know you have many faithful readers!! Maybe someone really enjoy their gift!!

  92. 5


    I love this one 💕 #dumbogiveaway

  93. 4


    Thank you for the giveaway!

  94. 3


    I absolutely love Dumbo and this is so adorable! Thank you for doing this giveaway! #dumbogiveaway

  95. 2


    I don’t have Instagram, so I couldn’t do those requirements. I clicked the links for the Facebook post (both) and they weren’t there. I did everything else.
    That being said, I know a huge Dumbo fan who is will be entering her teens with her birthday this month who is a WDW annual pass holder and she’d love the cup and bucket!

  96. 1


    I absolutely love this bucket/sipper combo. So good!

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