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  1. 7


    I love The Carousel of Progress! In my opinion it is definitely a must do at Magic Kingdom!

  2. 6

    Danielle Murgia

    This is one of our favorite attractions. It’s definitely a “must do” on our trip. It’s also a great place to sit down in the a/c and relax.

  3. 5

    Christine L. Thomas

    I love this attraction! Every time we ride it I spot something I missed (or forgot) the last time. And who doesn’t love the tune!!

  4. 4

    Lisa Lin

    I didn’t realize this was one of Walt’s favorite attractions. We try to make at least one visit to the Carousel of Progress each trip. My daughter calls it “The Doggie Show”. Its a great place to rest, hear about the different inventions over the decades, and wait for others who are checking out the thrills in the area.

  5. 3


    I never miss this attraction! And the song makes me happy 🙂 The kids and my husband know…we aren’t leaving MK without Mom going on The Carousel of Progress! They don’t have the heart for it that I do…but if nothing else, it’s an air-conditioned place to rest and relax!

  6. 2


    This attraction is a must do for any family. I grew up going to it and enjoying it!

  7. 1

    Kimberly Baker

    The Carousel of Progress is one of my favorite attractions! I love the song too! I didn’t know it was Walt’s favorite attraction. Thanks for sharing that!

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