Capturing Disney in Pictures: 12th Day of Christmas on Main Street U.S.A.

Hanging around Main Street U.S.A

Every photo has a story.

Walt Disney designed Main Street U.S.A. to be representative of Hometown America, an idealized main street based on memories from his childhood home in Marceline, Missouri.  You feel like you have been here before; the shops are familiar, warm, and inviting.  Yet there’s excitement and adventure in the air.  Standing on Main Street, you are still at the beginning of a grand adventure.

Picture this…All the shops on Main Street stay open an hour after the Magic Kingdom’s closing hours.  So hang back as everyone else rushes out of the gates.  Take a seat on the sidewalk and watch the castle colors change.  There is music piped in through hidden speakers, and though tired, most everyone you see is still in a wonderful, vacation-happy mood.  It’s the end of the day, and people are glad to be here.

There’s holiday shopping galore at stores such as the Main Street Cinema, Disney Clothiers, Main Street Athletic Club, Uptown Jewelers, Crystal Arts, the Chapeau, Confectionary, and the Main Street Gallery.  These names are reminiscent of just the sort of downtown shops you would have enjoyed visiting in your own small town.

If you need a quick bite to eat before you make your way to the monorail or the ferryboat, stop in Casey’s Corner for a hot dog with fries, or the Main Street Confectionary for some baked goods like pastries, cookies, and cupcakes.  There’s also the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor for something cold and delicious.  On your way out of the door here, just take a look before you at the visual splendor of Cinderella’s Castle.  There’s no rush to get home- enjoy the view.

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