Canadian Hockey Minnie Ears Have Skated Into Epcot

O Canada, we’ve got ears! New Canadian Hockey Minnie Ears have popped up at the Canada Pavillion in Epcot! We’ve seen a few other country-inspired ears before, but these are our first Canadian ones! To really capture the spirit of Canada, these ears are also Hockey themed!

Canadian Hockey Minnie Ears

The ears have Canadian Flags plastered across the front, with a Canadian Flag inspired bow. Attached to the bow is a pair of crossed hockey sticks, ready to get the game started. They are bold, and so much fun! They even have “Canada” written on the side of the headband.

With a flip of the ears, we can see they aren’t just your basic mouse ears. These are actually HOCKEY PUCKS!! That’s right Disney has gone all the way for the Hockey theme and used Hockey pucks for the ears. Honestly, I think it’s brilliant.


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These are a lot of fun and match many of the Canadian inspired apparel items that are also available at the Pavillion. Aside from the Spaceship Earth ears with the Country flags, we have also seen the English Tea Rose ears for the UK. I really hope we see more thematic country ears like these in the future.

What do you think of the new Canadian Hockey Minnie Ears?

Special thanks to the amazing Susan for these great pics!

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