Campfire Sundae Coming to Wolfgang Puck at Disney Springs!

A new dessert called “Campfire Sundae” is coming to Wolfgang Puck at Disney Springs. According to the Disney Springs Twitter account, this new dessert has just landed at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill this summer. The dessert is made with salted caramel, chocolate cookie crunch gelato, pretzel sticks, mini marshmallows and topped with a slice of chocolate cheesecake… WOW!

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill is a fine/signature dining experience located in the Town Centre, Disney Springs. The restaurant offers both lunch and dinner serving salads, steak, fish, pizza and pasta as well as mouthwatering desserts like the “Campfire Sundae”! For the Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill website click here.

What do you think of the Campfire Sundae coming to Wolfgang Puck? Check out our articles about the restaurant here.


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Tessa H