California theme park reopening guidelines will be shared tomorrow

There is a rumor going around that California will finally release theme park reopening guidelines tomorrow.

LA reporter Elex Michaelson posted the following on Twitter:

Governor Newsom said in today’s press conference that Dr. Ghaly will provide the update on theme parks tomorrow. You can read what Newsom said below:

“…Moving into the colder season, moving into the season where more of us are moving inside, moving into a season where more of us begin to mix and come back, extended family members for the holidays — this is an area of obvious and real concern. And that’s why we are being very sober and, forgive me, stubborn about some industries in the state that I know are eager to get guidelines. Tomorrow, Dr. Ghaly will update you on some of those industries and guidelines, including sports and some of these theme parks. We are going to break up the theme parks. It’s not just one or two…it’s many different parts that are part of the theme park industry, But Dr. Ghaly will be updating you tomorrow on those guidelines. Again, I hope one recognizes our stubbornness on a health-first, data-driven decision-making process is done with our eyes wide open on what’s happening now around the world, not just what’s happening across the United States. Not yet here in the state of California, but that’s only because we are being vigilant and have to maintain that vigilant so we avoid any further increase in transmission.”

Newsom and theme park executives (including Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek, and Chairman of Parks, Experiences and Products Josh D’Amaro) have been in a tense battle over reopening Disneyland. Chapek recently commented that the park’s extended, seven-month-long closure was not the result of active negotiations, but rather a government “mandate.”

The fact that Newsom’s reopening guidelines will differentiate between large theme park operations and small park operations — presumably including boardwalks and other local attractions — is a major shift from previous reports that all theme parks would be subject to the same guidelines.

Hopefully, the guidelines released tomorrow will be reasonable and theme parks can begin the reopening process.

You can see Newsom’s full press conference below:

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