California Gov. Gavin Newsom Lays Out 4-Stage Plan for Opening California Economy

Yesterday, April 28, California Governor Gavin Newsom, alongside California Department of Public Health director Dr. Sonia Angell, laid out a four-stage plan for reopening California’s economy.

“Politics will not drive our decision making. Protests will not drive our decision making. Political pressure will not drive our decision making,” Newsom said. “Science, data and public health will drive our decision making.”

California is currently in Stage 1 which includes the “stay at home” order that is in place. Newsom says Stage 2 is “weeks” away and Stage 3 is “months” away. Stage 4 would require Coronavirus treatments that haven’t been developed yet, like a vaccine.

Stage 2 would allow “lower risk” workplaces such as retail, manufacturing, offices, schools, and childcare facilities to reopen with adaptations. Stage 3 would let “higher risk” businesses and gatherings that include close contact (salons, gyms, theaters, religious services…) to reopen with adaptations and limits on the size of gatherings.

Stage 4 would reopen the “highest risk” activities like concerts, live-audience sports, and other large events, venues, and mass gatherings. Dr. Angell said about Stage 4, “This is going to be a while, but there are ways we can modify the way we move around in our environment that will make it more possible (to reopen).”

Governor Newsom did not specifically mention theme parks like Disneyland in his plan but it appears Disneyland would fall in the 4th Stage. It is possible that the parks could open sooner if they make substantial changes to promote social distancing and other health and safety measures.


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