Business Owner Shut Down North Carolina Restaurant to take Employees to Disney.

Business Owner Shut Down North Carolina Restaurant to take Employees to Disney.

It was a dream come true for these restaurant employees when the business owner shut down North Carolina restaurant to take employees to Walt Disney World in Florida.  Now that is employer goals right there!

Business owner, Gypsy Gilliam, told the local news station that she wanted to show appreciation to her employees.  Gilliam was “blessed to be able to give them a little magic in their lives” so what better way to use this blessing than to gift the people who helped make this happen than the employees.

This story gets even better!  Not only did the business owner shut down the North Carolina restaurant down, she took all 20 employees AND their families to visit the most magical place on earth.  Gilliam paid for all expenses during the adventure: hotel accommodations and food included.

To say the employees were in shock is an understatement!  Employee, Jessica Burr, expressed her gratitude stating she would “never have been able to take (her son) on a trip like this.”  Jasmine Kamel continued on the gratitude train stating, “It was so amazing.  I cried a couple of times.  I could cry right now.  I don’t think she’ll ever understand how grateful we are for what she did for us.”

We agree ladies!  What an amazing gift!  We just have one question for Gilliam, are you hiring?  We foresee an influx of employees in your future!

Source: WFTV 9

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