More Buses to Receive Cameras for Safety

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After testing cameras on a couple of buses, Walt Disney Transportation has decided to install four cameras in every bus in the fleet. For the safety of everyone aboard, three will be exterior, while one will be interior.

I recently saw one of the buses in the test run. It appears that at least one camera is focused on the load zones of the buses. I do hope this will cut down on some of the rowdiness at the bus stops.

How do you feel about cameras on buses? Do you think other modes of transportation, buses and monorails, need interior cameras?

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Photo courtesy of Jodi at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse
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4 thoughts on “More Buses to Receive Cameras for Safety

  1. I cant help but feel like this is a result of that stupid lawsuit where the kid ran into the bus and died. This we protect disney from more suits like that.

  2. On our last visit, leaving HS, saw a father curse out the bus driver and riders because he was the only one left to get on the bus and his wife couldn’t….meanwhile, security was called and he started to fight with them saying he should have priority because his wife had a child….yet we had a 4 month old and 4 year old who was tired along with the remaining fellow Disney goers….Patience is the key my friend!!!

  3. Never ran into a situation of rowdiness at bus stop or inside bus in any trip to disney. Were people a bit annoyed by the long waits sometimes at busy times, yes but never to the point where i wished there was a camera to control or capture the situation. Can see why they want external cameras for evidence when accidents happen from a liability perspective.

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