Build-A-Bear Angel Arrives Just In Time For Valentine’s D

Build-A-Bear Angel

Build-A-Bear Angel has arrived just in time to join Stitch for Valentine’s Day! Stitch’s adorable adventure partner is now available, and our Stitch has also returned to Build-A-Bear! These cuties are online exclusives, and the perfect pairing for Valentine’s Day.

Angel Plush

Build-A-Bear Angel

Say aloha to Disney’s Angel! Experiment 624 has arrived at Build-A-Bear Workshop for the first time. Stitch’s lovable companion looks heavenly adorable with her large ears, curly antennae and soft claws. On her one paw pad is a cute Stitch and Angel logo, while the other paw has the Build-A-Bear logo. Angel makes an out-of-this-world addition to any fan’s collection.

Unlike some exclusives, Angel is not available unstuffed. However there are lots of cute outfits for Valentine’s Day available both online, and also in store!

Will the new Build-A-Bear Angel be joining your Stitch, or will you be getting both of them this time?

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