Bring the Magic Home With Disney Blankie Tails

With the Disney Parks closed temporarily, we’ve been looking for ways to bring the magic home! One fun way to keep the magic alive, are with the gorgeous Disney Blankie Tails! These are wearable blankets, that look like Disney character outfits! You can choose from Disney Princesses, and even Frozen characters!

I’m one of those who is kind of obsessed with soft fleece blankets. I also can’t resist really cute ones, and these are exceptionally cute. What is fun about these is, that not only are they a snuggly themed blanket, they are also like a costume! Kids can imagine themselves as their favorite characters, while curling up with a book, watching a movie, or even to stay cozy on family game night!

The enchanting wearable Disney Princess gown line started with Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. You can find all three at Target, and Amazon! A fun detail I noticed about the Ariel Blankie Tail, is that it actually has her autograph on the fin!

Disney Blankie Tails


There are also two NEW Disney Blankie Tails Princesses, and these are available exclusively at Target! Disney’s first Disney Princess, Snow White, and my favorite Princess, Rapunzel! I actually have Rapunzel as my character on my name tag at the Disney Store! The Snow White Blankie Tail is especially fun, because Snow’s iconic color palette always makes designs pop!

Disney Blankie Tails

There are also Frozen 2 inspired Blankie Tails! These are also available at both Target, and Amazon. The Frozen collection includes Elsa, Anna, and Olaf! These are gorgeous, and capture the look of the sisters’ adventuring outfits fabulously. I also love that they included Olaf! My son has already asked for him for our next Frozen movie night!

I really like these as a way to bring home Disney magic. I feel like it’s also magical way to offer comfort and cheer when our kids might be feeling out of sorts with all of the changes, and home from school for an extended time.

What do you think of the adorable Disney Blankie Tails?

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