Is Disney Secretly Working on a Star Wars themed Resort?


Star Wars

Hey y’all! It’s Anonymouse here back with some extra juicy Disney World Gossip!

We are hearing from our friends over at WDW News Today that Disney is starting to look into the possibility of building a new resort at Walt Disney World. And what is the theme of this new resort you might ask? How about a Star Wars-themed resort on an “actual” Star Wars Starship!

Star Wars

Yes, you read that right….a Star Wars-themed resort may be an option for lodging at Disney World! You and your family can sleep on a Starship!

Apparently, Disney has contacted Swagbucks to gauge interest in this new resort. The survey includes renderings of what a stay on the Starship would be like.

Star Wars

The resort would offer an all-inclusive resort experience with the following magical touches:

  • Full immersion into a 2-day/night story set somewhere in the Star Wars universe. Guests will be treated to a non-stop, story-driven interactive entertainment experience as it plays out over the course of your stay.
  • Star Wars characters will appear throughout the Starship giving guests the ability to have personal interactions with them. Guests will have the choice to experience the story first-hand or just observe the action.
  • The experience will offer such programs as flight training, ship exploration, lightsaber training, and secret missions tailored to each guest.
  • The 2-day experience will not just be confined to the Starship. Guests will be able to interact throughout the Star Wars-themed planet at as well.

Guests will be treated to the full-experience in luxury accommodations. The all-inclusive options offered will be:

  • All meals for your stay will be included. This includes buffet breakfasts, lunch, and signature dining for dinner
  • Daily entertainment and dinner shows
  • Admission to the new Star Warts land opening at Disney World in Hollywood Studios in 2019
  • Starship amenities will include a pool, water garden, fitness center, cantina, and even robotic droid butlers

Overall, for the price of $900 to $1000 a person, you will be receiving the following:

  • 2 nights in a luxury Starship
  • A guest room that will accommodate up to 4 people including an interactive “view” of the galaxy or pool/atrium
  • All meals included from check-in to check-out
  • A 1-day ticket to Hollywood Studios to visit Star Wars Land
  • A fully-interactive immersion experience featuring story-driven experiences and entertainment during your visit.

Star Wars

Can you imagine! This is just too much excitement for any Star Wars fan! I can’t wait to see that robotic droid butler first-hand.

As always, nothing is official until Disney confirms it. However, these details seem to match up pretty well with the details coming out of the Star Wars Disney panel held over this past weekend at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.

As always, stay tuned right here for the latest on the possibility of this new resort!

What do you think about the possibility of this new resort? Would you stay here? Let us know!

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