Book a Magical Stay in this ‘Harry Potter’ Themed AirBnb

Book a Magical Stay in this ‘Harry Potter’ Themed AirBnb. Harry Potter fans are booking this new AirBnb faster than a golden snitch in a Quidditch match and we can see why!

Visiting Orlando, Florida for your next vacation? You and your family and friends can immerse yourself in this massive Harry Potter inspired home provided by Loma Homes for roughly $500/night (at the time of writing). With Hogwarts House themed bedrooms, game rooms, in-home movie theater, screened in pool deck, and more, this magical getaway is the perfect place to relax for witches and wizards of all ages.

The popular AirBnb is referred to as “Wizard’s Way” by the host company Loma Homes and is within traveling distance of the major Orlando based theme parks such as Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Walt Disney World Resort.

Photo Credit: Loma Homes

Anyone up for a game of Wizard’s Chess? Hehe. The home features popular locations from the books and films including Hogwarts, the Quidditch field, Diagon Alley, and Platform 9 3/4.

“Welcome to Wizard’s Way, a magical 8-bedroom, 5-bath vacation home at Champion’s Gate. Step inside and find a sorting hat that’s ready to send you to your assigned house (bedroom), each meticulously designed to capture the houses and other themes from the movies. Are you destined to be roaring with the lions or slithering with the snakes? Book now and find out!”

Photo Credit: Loma Homes

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Featured Photo Credit/Source: Loma Homes

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