New boats on Pirates of the Caribbean are getting guests wet

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We all love Pirates of the Caribbean.  The sights, the smells, the red head. What we don’t like is getting wet, well I don’t especially when I am carrying around an expensive camera, cell phone, maybe my tablet pc.

In years past I have ridden Pirates of the Caribbean hundreds of times and never gotten wet. Unfortunately now that statement is no longer true.

It is being reported by many Chip and Co fans that you will now get wet on Pirates due to the new boats they have in operation. Now I am not talking Splash Mountain wet but like the picture above you will get some water on you. The closer to the front of the boat the wetter you can become.

While yes this is a water ride, normally you never gotten wet. But we just wanted to give you a heads up, if you are like me stash your electronics in a bag or ask to be seated towards the rear of the boat.

Have you rode Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World recently? Did you get wet? Let us know in the comment box below.




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21 thoughts on “New boats on Pirates of the Caribbean are getting guests wet

  1. Quoting a former pirate friend:

    “It IS a pirate ride, ya bilge rat. If it’s dry and calm ya be seekin’, get ye to a cruise ship and ne’er return to Port Royale.



  2. Just rode it last night with my family. Sat up front on the left side of the boat. First time my 3 year old daughter rode it, and we got SOAKED…along with a very expensive camera. When I mean soaked…down to my underwear, socks, shoes…all of it! HIGHLY disappointed! Never had this problem in the past and now my 3 year old said she will never ride it again. I was so upset about how cold and wet I was, that I missed the whole attraction! Very disappointed in Disney on this one!!! This is my favorite attraction, and ruined it for me!!!

  3. Just rode Pirates at Disney World in the front row and we got soaked! I have NEVER gotten this wet on this ride and I have ridden it well over a hundred times. You usually get a little splash after the mini drop, but now my shoes are soaked, pants are wet all the way through if you get my drift and sweatshirt and shirt underneath are we as well. I would have been dryer on Splash Mountain and now I am back at the hotel changing the entire family into new clothes and drying shoes with a hair dryer. Very disappointing!

  4. Rode it yesterday at Disney World, seated in the front, we were more drenched from this ride than Kali River Rapids. Highly disappointed in Disney for this one – we we had worn nice clothes for a $300 dinner reservation later that evening.. Never a drop of water on me in 30 rides on this since 1972 until now. It has always been a “ride-through” ride, not a “wet” ride or a thrill ride before now.

  5. We just rode it on the last day of our honeymoon today and got soaked. Splash mountain soaked. Our boat was completely packed full, with us and another couple squished into the first row. Everything from our faces and hair, sshorts, shirts, socks and sneakers were drenched and it wasnt a warm day. Had there been any sign indicating the possibility of getting wet, we would have opted not to ride. We spoke with a manager after the ride who said they have been getting many of the same complaints but still not gotten a sign ro display. This was a huge inconvenience on our last park day because we had to leave the park to change into dry clothes, which took an hour put of the afternoon and the Magic Kingdom already had limited hours only open until 8. Very disappointed in Disney with this.

  6. I’ve ridden it at least 100x’s in Disneyland and have always wanted it to be a water ride. But it would be a good idea to let people know ahead of time that they will get wet from now on. 😀

  7. We rode in January and it was the part where the ships are blasting cannons at each other. There seemed to be an added large cannon ball splash that gets the boat wet. It didn’t happen every time we rode, only if the timing was just right as we passed. We realized if the boat in front of you gets the splash you will not.

  8. I was there last week and did NOT get wet at all. But with as hot as it was outside, I wouldn’t have minded. I took pictures on the ride too! When did the new boats start?

  9. We sat in the very front with a 13-month-old in May. Didn’t remember the huge drop, and glad I was holding on to him tight lol We got a little wet, but nothing too serious. This must have been more recent.

  10. new boats.. now you get wet. You can tell if it’s a new boat.. A. it just looks different..but if you haven’t been in a while, and don’t know the difference, B. if the floor of your boat is are gonna get wet. When we got in the boat, there was like 1/2 of standing water in the bottom of the boat.

  11. I’ve never in the many, many times over many years I’ve done this ride been able to “pick” my seat. And there are many water rides at Disney that I’ve never gotten wet on in the past. It was NOT fun seeing my little girl’s day spoiled because she was so upset about getting her special outfit all wet.

  12. Yes! Just went last week…. of course we were in the front seat but got at least as wet as the picture. Unfortunately that made my DD4, all dressed up in her Tinkerbell outfit, break down in tears and refuse to ever ride it again. It took hours to dry out. Never had that happen in the past.

  13. We were just there and yes you do get splashed a little on hill and splashed on during the battle scene. Nothing major. Every time we rode we had to sit in a puddle of water.

  14. I won’t ride it because I don’t like that hill, but it was pretty small wasn’t it? Did they make the hill bigger? Is it bigger and is there more than one hill at Disneyland? We heard it was worse there and didn’t try it.

  15. I love that I can get wet on the one in Disneyland when I sit in the front! I’ve never gotten wet on the Magic Kingdom one before in 2010, 2011, or 2012. Is there something wrong with the boats or are they supposed to get the passengers wet? We’re heading there this weekend and we’ll have to try it out!

  16. So you get wet? It’s a water ride…lol. And you always got a little bit splashed in the front, especially if you sat close to the edge. Have fun, it’s Disney!

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