Photos from “Black Widow” Set May Reveal New Character and Potential Spoilers!

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Photos from “Black Widow” Set May Reveal New Character and Potential Spoilers! If the title wasn’t enough of a warning here is your SPOILER ALERT!

It’s Marvel Studios best-worst kept secret, of course we are referring to the untitled “Black Widow” Movie currently in production.

The film has yet to be officially announced by the Studio, but it’s hard to deny the rumors at this point. Especially since the release of some telling photos that recently surfaced via Twitter. Here is your final chance to prevent any sort of spoiler for the new film by Marvel Studios, rumored to premiere on May 1, 2020.

At first glance these photos look rather innocent, but closer observation reveals some interesting details about the untitled “Black Widow” film. Let’s delve deeper. noticed some peculiar details about the photos. The first photo shows two tall boxes that are labeled “Natasha”, referring to Scarlett Johannson‘s character Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, and “Yelena”. Yelena is a new character to the MCU and will be portrayed by Johannson’s co-star, Florence Pugh.

Yelena Belova is a character from Marvel Comics who takes up the mantel of Black Widow and shares a similar back story to Natasha. Yelena was a former member of the KGB turned secret agent, and on occasion acted as a villain in the comics. Yelena even spent some time with the Avengers in Natasha’s stead as Black Widow and has been considered to be on the same level as Natasha in reference to her abilities and skills.

The second photo from the Twitter post by @R0CKYSY0UTH, shows what appears to be Johannson and Pugh riding a motorcycle, but in reality those are well constructed stunt dummies of the two actresses. The stunt dummies were transported to this shoot inside the boxes from the first photo and are being used in place of the actresses.

It’s rather common to use either body or stunt doubles when an actor or actress does not have any lines for a specific scene, or if the scene is dubbed too dangerous for the actor, or actress. They are also used for preventing injuries to the cast so production can run on schedule and without incident.

Though the official announcement has yet to be made, it seems a little silly that Marvel won’t fess up to the films production at this point. More than likely an announcement will be made during or after the premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home and the theatrical re-release of Avengers: Endgame, we may even get to see some early footage from the film in an infamous Marvel movie post credit scene.

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Photo Credit: Marvel Studios/Marvel/@R0CKYSY0UTH