Watch the All New Trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, in Theaters July 2

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Watch the All New Trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, in Theaters July 2

Watch the All New Trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, in Theaters July 2. Warning: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame!

Marvel Studios has released the new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, the first film taking place after the outcome of Avenger: Endgame. Fair warning, the trailer and this article contain major spoilers for Avengers: Endgame, do not continue reading this article or watch the trailer if you have not seen Avengers: Endgame.

First let’s watch the new official trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home then we’ll discuss what we see:

Wow. Okay, let’s dive in to what we know about the movie so far.

The film opens with Peter Parker still morning the passing of Tony Stark after his heroic sacrifice to save all those who were lost after the first Snap from Thanos. Tony succeeded in his endeavor to save those who were lost and bring them forward to their current timeline so his daughter Morgan, and others like her, could still be alive as well. It was a majorly heartbreaking moment as Tony could finally rest after everything he has done and we saw almost every character return towards the end of the film, including Peter and apparently his friends from school who are still in High School despite the 5 year difference. Yup, that means they would have disappeared in the snap as well.

Happy, Tony Starks ex-body guard and close friend, has been working with Peter/Spider-Man since Tony’s passing and has even been helping him try to fill the role Tony/Iron Man left behind since Happy knew how much Tony cared about Peter and his future. In an earlier trailer it also appears Happy has a *thing* for Peter’s Aunt May.

Moving forward, We also know that Nick Fury has feverishly been trying to get ahold of Peter, apparently for quite some time. While he and his friends go on a school trip to Europe, Nick interrupts the trip and brings Peter into the fold of a new mission. He is unsure at first and asks if anyone else can help, but at the moment it seems to just be Peter/Spider-Man. Well, him and “Beck”.

Who is “Beck”? Fans of the comics, especially Spider-Man will recognize “Beck” as Mysterio a regular adversary of Spider-Man in the comics. It appears Beck/Mysterio is on their side at the moment, but who knows how long that will last.

For now, it seems Mysterio has stepped in to be the hero for Earth at a moment where it is desperately in need of someone to take the place of those who have fallen or are currently unavailable. Eagle-eyed fans have also noticed Beck is wearing a wedding ring. That could make things much more interesting since Beck/Mysterio isn’t known to be married in the comics. We will see where that goes.

Oh and one more thing….

Beck CONFIRMS the MULTIVERSE in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No big deal, right??? We won’t go down the significance of that thread at the moment because there are literally books worth of material on that matter. Just know that is very very very important.

I hope you enjoyed the trailer as much as we did. We can’t wait to see Spider-Man in action this summer!

You can see Spider-Man: Far From Home, starring Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal, in theaters starting July 2, 2019. (Yes, it premieres on a Tuesday Night, you read that right.) Tickets are now available via Fandango, AMC Theaters, Regal Cinemas, and a theater near you.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony

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