Beware: Fake Pizza Fliers Circulating at the Disney World Resort


I am an Orlando resident and I have been hearing about this scam on and off for a few years now. It seems as though they are starting it up again.

Have been to a Disney World Resort and found Pizza Fliers under your door? Or maybe heard someone slip something under your door late at night? Well chances are they are not legit. Disney always advises that you do not use those fliers and that is not just because they want you to spend all of your money there, they are looking out for you as well.

These fliers look real, they have glossy food pictures and look very professional. Most of the time they will have a phone number but no address. Don’t be fooled by the pretty picture, these people are looking to get your debit/credit card info and rack up a bunch of charges while you are distracted by your magical vacation. They also take this opportunity to check for unlocked doors, in the resort and in the parking lot.  In a few instances they have stolen the identity of some unaware customers.

F.Y.I. They use pre-paid cellphones and change the phone number on the fliers every week.

Disney and Law Enforcement are aware of the situation and are cracking down. Mousekeeping does a good job of throwing away the fliers when they find them.

If you want to order from an outside pizza delivery restaurant, the Front Desk/Concierge can connect you to a real restaurant.

Disney also asks that if you see one of these fliers, or someone passing them out, call the front desk and report it.

Remember not everyone at Disney is magical!

Wishing you Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust



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4 thoughts on “Beware: Fake Pizza Fliers Circulating at the Disney World Resort

  1. For one night before arriving on Disney property I stayed at a place just outside the gates. At 11:30pm it sounded like someone was trying to get into my room. I figured it was some drunk person and they’d figure it out. Turns out it was someone having a hard time slipping a pizza flyer under my door. It kinda scared me when it happened as I was traveling solo. Just for that reason I probably wouldn’t use them. Why are they doing that so late at night when people are already in bed?!?? That’s just not cool!!

  2. Security needs to be stepped up and Disney needs to have late hour till at least 2 of 3 hours after the parks close for pizza. Sometimes people eat an early dinner and get hungry after later park hours. Last year we tried to order a pizza from Disney at 11:30 pm but they had already closed for the night. Had to order from an outside company. Disney could make more money if they just stayed open later.

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