Best Things I Love About Disney – Mickey’s PhilharMagic

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When I first saw Mickey’s PhilharMagic, in 2003, I was less than impressed. As I look back, the reason became a little more apparent. It was the last day of our visit, we were both tired, and I had been lugging my 330+ pound body around in hot and humid weather for 8 days. Let’s face it we were tired and just a bit cranky so a new experience, like this attraction was to us, would really have to work hard to make a positive impression. Besides that, we were leaving the next day for home and we all know how that can ruin your day, don’t we!!

Since that time we have seen the attraction at least once or twice on each visit and we always enjoy it immensely. We go early in the visit, we don’t travel in September anymore, and I only have to lug 185 pounds around Walt Disney World these days. It’s not only extremely entertaining but it’s also a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Magic Kingdom while enjoying a superior attraction (good for Oldies like us).

The theater is very comfortable, the screen is huge (150 feet wide), it’s in 3-D, the story line is very clever, and the animation is absolutely up to the best of Disney standards. I won’t spoil the story line for those of you who haven’t visited the attraction but I will let you know that, as usual, Donald ends up in trouble. I doubt that many of you are shocked by that. You will also get to see scenes from many of the Disney classic films including all of your favorite characters. Everything about the presentation is great for kids, nothing scary or violent at all.

I always recommend that if you don’t enjoy a particular attraction, as long as it doesn’t cause you physical issues like motion sickness or something else, that you give it another chance. I did it with this one and Mission Space and was glad I did. I believe I may even give Expedition Everest another shot this October just to make sure it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t enjoy it. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!


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