Best Thing I Love About Disney – Bob Jackson, Entertainer

If you’ve ever been around the River Roost lounge at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside on a Wednesday through Saturday night, you know there is a wild and crazy, rowdy ruckus going on! The lounge comes to life on these nights from 8:30 to midnight and if you are like me, you laugh more while you are there than you have in a long time. What is the cause of the madness?  Bob Jackson!

Yeeha Bob, Bob Jackson, is a super energetic piano player, comedian, children’s entertainment guru, and welcoming committee chair all rolled into one. He has a long list of terrific sing-a-long songs, lightning fast piano playing numbers and to call this show a sing-a-long comedy routine is a gross understatement. Everyone is welcome and it doesn’t matter where you’re from because everyone else is from there too. Once you see the show you will know what I mean.

Piano Player Bob, as I affectionately call him, gets the whole audience going. Even the guests at Boatwright’s get to hear all the fun as the River Roost is right next door in the main building of the POR.

Bob’s show is a family-friendly show. Everyone from little tiny kids to grandma and grandpa get into the act and it is a lot of fun. He has the crowd form mamba lines and go around the room. It is precious to watch the kids get into this; they have such a great time. We sang songs from “Roll out the Barrel” to doing the hand-jive from Grease to every other genre you could imagine. The songs are all the ones everyone knows and it doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not – just belt it out like everyone else.  

Try to get there a bit early as the place really fills up quickly once the party starts. There is no cover charge but you can buy drinks, non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic, although there is no pressure put upon anyone to buy any drink just for sitting at a table. You can also buy light snacks or bring your food from the Riverside Mill food court in with you.

Try to check out this must-do Disney fave of mine the next time you visit. Bob is such a delight. He stays after his show for autographs and pictures and he is truly a nice guy. He even posts pictures of new friends on his website. You can also find him on facebook under yehaabob to verify his schedule as he sometimes travels to other destinations. During your next trip, I hope you will get the chance to have some good, clean fun with a true entertainer.

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