Beautiful Beverages, Awesome Atmosphere and Fun Food at Planet Hollywood Observatory

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The next time you plan a visit to Disney Springs, at the Walt Disney World Resort, you will likely consider a location to enjoy a meal.  For sure, there are a lot of wonderful restaurants to choose from.  On a recent visit to Disney Springs, we discovered some Beautiful Beverages, Awesome Atmosphere and Fun Food at Planet Hollywood Observatory.

We were a party of four and we began the evening with adult beverages.  We ordered the Sparkling Sputnik (a sparkling wine with fresh fruits), The Moonwalk (a SKYY Infusions beverage with tropical juices), Halley’s Comet (a 46 ounce alcoholic beverage with blue Curacao), Cosmos Martini (a drink made with vodka and cranberry juice) and the Mercury Mule (a libation created with ingredients such as vodka and ginger infused syrup).   All were very good based on personal taste preferences.  The Halley’s Comet is definitely a drink designed for more than one person.  Some of us enjoyed sampling all of the drinks!

The atmosphere is awesome, lively and fun.  The large video wall is now featuring special notices to guests present in the restaurant.  We were surprised to see ourselves on the big screen along with a welcome sign made especially for us.  There are video cameras set up around the restaurant for this purpose so if you are celebrating a special event be sure to let your server know and you may just see yourself featured on the video wall.

The video wall is also featuring comic-book-style stories set to music.  We particularly liked the Pirate themed one.

The atmosphere also highlights a DJ on the main floor of the restaurant.  With the video wall, music and DJ this restaurant is loud and lively with plenty to see and do.  Be sure to take a stroll through the restaurant to check out the shadow boxes featuring a variety of movie and music memorabilia.

For our appetizer we ordered the High Roller Sampler.  This comes with Fried JumboShrimp and two of us have a shellfish allergy.  The Chef came down to chat with us to see if we needed to substitute the shrimp and we did choose the hummus instead.  Our High Roller Sampler came with Chicken Crunch, Texas Tostados, Buffalo Wings, Five Cheese Dip and Hummus.  Our favorites were the Texas Tostados and the Five Cheese Dip.

We ordered the Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger, BBQ Ribs, Citrus Kale Salad, and L.A. Lasagna.  Our favorite picks were the BBQ Ribs and the Citrus Kale Salad.  We loved the fun presentation of the BBQ Ribs on the tiny picnic table.  The ribs were tender and flavorful.  The salad was crunchy and sweet without your basic greens as this salad has a Superfood blend with a lovely agave dressing.  We enjoyed the unique texture and flavor of the L.A. Lasagna and would recommend this dish to anyone who is looking for something a bit different outside of the standard pasta dish.  One of us does not enjoy fries and ordered the Green Bean Blend which was good as the vegetables had a bit of crunch to them.  The Triple Fries have an interesting seasoning on them providing a taste that two of us liked, and two of us did not.  Our least favorite choice was the Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger.  This burger was well done and we recommend you order this medium if you wish to try it as we did not specify this and wished we had.  The Mac-N-Cheese is not what we expected as it does not taste cheesy at all.  We expected this to literally be the “cheese” on top of our burger.  There was also an overabundance of lettuce.  Our favorite part of this dish was the bun which has a very good buttery flavor.

We love checking out new dessert options as no meal is complete without a lovely sweet.  We started with a Brownie Cheesecake Star Jar, a Cosmic Cotton Candy Supernova Shake and a Chocolate Comet Supernova Shake.  The favorite pick of the three was the Cotton Candy Supernova Shake.  If  you enjoy Cotton Candy, this sweet treat is for you!

Our top pick of the evening was the Planet Meltdown.  This delectable dessert arrives as a chocolate sphere surrounded by fresh-cut strawberries and features a white chocolate Planet Hollywood Observatory sign.  A Server comes over to your table to melt down the sphere with hot chocolate sauce.  As the sphere melts, it reveals a beautiful piece of double chocolate fudge cake.


Our Server, Sharla, was a sweetheart who was incredibly helpful with our choices for the evening.  She asked about our preferences, and made suggestions based upon our answers.  Since three out of the four of us had not eaten at the new Planet Hollywood Observatory Disney Springs, we needed a bit of guidance.

The Planet Hollywood Observatory menu is quite extensive.  Whether you are looking for a full meal, appetizers and adult beverages, or just dessert there is something for everyone.  Be sure to stop by Planet Hollywood Observatory to discover your own Beautiful Beverages, Awesome Atmosphere and Fun Food.

Which Beautiful Beverages, Awesome Atmosphere and Fun Food items appeal to you?

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