Barbra Streisand Gifts George Floyd’s Daughter with Disney Stock

Barbra Streisand Gifts George Floyd’s Daughter with Disney Stock. Disney has an all new stockholder thanks to the generosity of actress, singer, and filmmaker, Barbra Streisand. The daughter of George Floyd, Gianna “Gigi” Floyd, has been named a stock holder for Disney as a gift from Streisand after the wrongful death of her father that has causes a resurgence in social justice activism around the world.

Gianna’s caregiver shared a post with a photo of Gigi holding Barbra’s letter to her monitored Instagram account with the caption: “Thank You @barbrastreisand for my package, I am now a Disney Stockholder thanks to you.”

Though it is unknown how many shares were gifted to Gianna from Barbra, it is sure help Gigi in the future as Disney stock return keeps raising year after year. According to a report from CNBC a $1,000 USD investment in 2009 would have become worth more than $4,600 merely 10 years later, yielding a 370% return.

This is not the first, nor the last, gift Gianna is bound to receive from a celebrity. With several universities and performer Kanye West offering fully paid tuition for Gianna Floyd once she comes of age and chooses her college of choice. Gianna will also receive funds raised via GoFundMe well past the $2 million dollar mark at the time of writing.

Gianna has been coming to grips with her fathers untimely passing, but was recently shared in a video saying, “Daddy changed the world.”

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Featured Photo Credit: Lisa Lake/WireImage for BSB/Instagram

Source: EW

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