Baby Yoda Scores More Social Media Interactions than 2020 Democratic Candidates

Baby Yoda

At a time when people often talk about political divisions, we all need a unifier. And as it turns out, that unifier is a little green alien from a galaxy far, far away. That’s right, it’s our new favorite character from Disney+‘s runaway hit, The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda.

In a roundup of data provided by Axios, Baby Yoda has about twice as many social media interactions as any Democratic Presidential candidate in the 2020 race. Baby Yoda for president, anyone?

He currently leads the pack with 1671 interactions on Facebook, trailed at a distance by millennial-preferred Bernie Sanders at 850. Interestingly enough, the data may not do Baby Yoda complete justice since it only takes interactions with news stories into consideration. The younger generation prefers to communicate via memes and GIFs, and Baby Yoda has proliferated in both.

But to focus on story interactions alone, it is notable that presidential hopefuls Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick have both announced their candidacies late in the game, around the time that The Mandalorian first aired and Baby Yoda fever spread. By comparison, their interactions would need to be 10 times higher to be in league with “the child”’s. Apparently, Americans are far more interested in the fate of an adorable intergalactic baby than whatever politicians are saying to get elected. Maybe the candidates should take note and start incorporating a little more cuteness in their agendas.

All things considered, it’s a refreshing change when the internet can all agree on something. We all want to believe that we have things in common, even if it’s seemingly small. Let’s keep up the trend and show our little friend even more love in the weeks to come. You never know, he could end up being a president (or emperor) someday!

Photo courtesy of Disney

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Allison Luna