Fun New Baby Yoda Coin Bank From Monogram International

The Force is strong with The Child from The Mandalorian. So why not let him protect our coins with this Baby Yoda Coin Bank? Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better protector for my coins, and we’re already giving Baby Yoda all of our money anyways!

Baby Yoda Coin Bank

Baby Yoda Coin Bank

From a Galaxy far, far away comes the adorable bounty from The Mandalorian, as a cute little coin bank! The new The Child Bank from The Mandalorian is releasing this June. The bank is made of durable, light-weight PVC material and stands at about 8 inches tall. That’s a pretty good sized coin bank if you ask me, and perfect for hoarding our bounty of coins in!

If you’re looking to make this bounty yours, be sure to follow Monogram International on their Social Media channels for updates!

What do you think of this fun and adorable new Baby Yoda Coin Bank? I know this is one bounty I don’t want to pass up!

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