Avoid these Rides If You Are Prone To Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is something that can really mess up your day. Some folks are extremely susceptible and they either have to skip some of Walt Disney World’s best attractions or find a treatment that helps keep you from getting that horrible queasy feeling (or worse).

There are as many ways to calm motion sickness as there are people with that issue. I can’t recommend any but I have found one that works for me so before you go experimenting you might want to check with your Doctor to see what she/he recommends.If you don’t want to go that route, here are six rides I would caution you to avoid.

  1. Mission Space (Orange) –  The ride is very intense and the fact that there is spinning (can’t see it but boy can you feel it) involved can stir up all but the strongest stomachs. If you are plagued with motion sickness and still want to try this one try the “green” version. It’s still intense but there is no spinning. Take it from someone with severe motion sickness the “green” version works great for me so I get to experience a terrific attraction without having to take a 2 hour “calm down the tummy” break.
  2. Mad Tea Party – This one is a bit deceiving. It looks pretty harmless but if you happen to get on the ride with one of those kids, or even adults, that get that crazed look in their eyes just before the ride starts you are in trouble. The platform that the tea cups sit on spins and your crazed fellow riders will likely want to spin the cup as fast as they can, not a pretty situation for those of us with motion problems. Unless you have complete trust in your fellow riders stay away from this one.
  3. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith – This is a truly fun ride and is almost worth that queasy feeling. The take off is thrilling but right away you get in to the inversions and corkscrews. One saving grace on this ride is the smoothness of the whole thing. If you put your head back on the head rest and keep it there the motion issues are minimized. One caution, don’t close your eyes. The entire ride after the launch is dark with lots of neon representations of the city of Los Angeles so sit back and enjoy the ride but like I said you may have motion sickness issues.
  4. Expedition Everest – This ride is peculiar in it’s effect on those with motion issues. It had very minimal effect on me but made my wife, who has NO motion sickness issues, feel pretty bad. I think it was the backwards portion of the ride that did her in and she refuses to ride it again. I’ve heard of several other folks who had the same problems with this attraction as my wife so if going backwards makes you uncomfortable (remember there are lots of people who won’t ride backwards on a train) you might want to pass this one up.
  5. Astro Orbiter – Sitting in the heart of Tomorrowland this cute little rocket ride looks harmless enough. This is another one where you have to trust your fellow rider. Pulling on the stick causes you to go up quite high and this is where the dizzying effects can really grab you. Round and round and up and down at a significant altitude does not make for a calm stomach. Like I mentioned, it looks harmless but if you are riding with one of those “crazed” friends or children it could get ugly.
  6. Primeval Whirl – Another ride in the Animal Kingdom that may make you a little woozy is the Primeval Whirl. While the track is very smooth there is a lot of spinning, dipping, and diving. It is still a fun ride but many kids will find that they are not tall enough to ride it. If you have any kind of injury I would avoid this ride as the jerkyness of the ride will make it hurt!

Some of these rides may or may not affect you but these are the ones that are likely to cause you discomfort depending on your personal motion issues. I know that these are the ones that tear me up. Have fun and ride every ride that you are comfortable trying but avoid putting yourself in a situation where you feel horrible for a couple of hours after the ride – it’s not worth it. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!

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