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    Christina Struck

    And we just returned from our last trip where both my daughter and I had what we think was food poisoning. LOL It was either that or a really weird flu that only 2 of us in the room had… not likely with 4 of us in one room! We shared something for lunch, later on that day both of us were very sick, enough that we had to stay in the room. Thankfully, less than 24 hours of recovery and the weather was nasty so we didn’t miss too much, but it would have been nicer not to be sick!

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    Becky Thompson

    For those who do not exercise or walk much it’s a good idea 2 or 3 months before visiting Disney to start “training”. Make time to take a walk each day starting with a mile & work your way up. You do a lot of walking at Disney, and if not use to it you may find that half way through the week you can’t move. I was born with arthritis and am prone to my legs swelling terribly when on them a lot…so I have to remember my meds for that. A little time in the hot tubs at the end of the day really helps too.

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    Oh no! I’m glad they were able to help her feel better! I have been to the first aid center at Epcot on many trips. They are always so helpful!

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    Another great tip! Planes are often full of germs. I always try to touch as little as possible and wash my hands as soon as I get off the plane.

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    Krisanne Vigliotti

    I always pack Sani-Hands wipes in our backpack. While traveling by plane, I always wipe down the tray tables and arm rests. They have come in handy for those unexpected snacks along the way also!

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    Christina Struck

    On our last visit, my daughter got a horrible migraine that lasted 2 days. We tried everything, finally it was aspirin from the Epcot infirmary that took care of it. SO thankful they had some advice for us and we found something that worked!

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