Avoid Adult Meltdowns By Toting These 5 Items To The Parks!

My husband sporting a poncho AND a versatile messenger bag!

Adults may be older, and more mature than kids (well…in theory anyway!), but after a long day at Walt Disney World of waiting in lines, sweating from the sun, and walking for miles, even adults are prone to meltdowns. They can’t always be avoided, but they can be less painful if you make sure you have these five items on you at all times while touring the Parks:

1. A Water Bottle: Ideally a sturdy reusable one, I prefer something that holds 16-24 oz (I find the big ones that hold 32 oz or more take up too much space/are too heavy when full), and I like to fill it up at the Resort food court before I head out for the day to the Parks, and then refill it several times as I go through the day. You want to make sure you are drinking plenty of water (soda/juice may give you a sugar boost but water is a smarter choice to keep you hydrated!), and if you want to drink in style check out the adorable water bottle I got at my favorite store, Target, that I will be bringing with me to WDW in April (they have a few different designs, these are a perfect way to show your Disney spirit as you re-hydrate!)

2. Sunscreen: For some people this may seem like a no-brainer, but I know a lot of people who have the “I don’t need sunscreen I never burn” mentality, which is not a good one to have when you’re spending the day in the sun in Florida. Everyone, no matter what skin tone/burnability level, should carry and use sunscreen while at Disney, it’s just the smart thing to do! I recommend bringing your favorite kind from home, as you can buy several kinds in the Parks but they are expensive (like twice as much as at home), and they might not have your preferred brand/SPF available. Reapplying is important too, every 2 hours or so I like to put on another layer – this is a great thing to do while in line for a ride/attraction, makes time go by faster and helps protect you from harmful UV rays!

3. Snacks: There is food all over the Disney Parks – snack carts, counter service and sit down restaurants, walk up windows….you name it, they have it, and believe me it all tastes super delicious! However, those little snacks ($4 here, $5 there) can add up really fast, not to mention that the cost of Park snacks tends to be inflated (ie-overpriced in some cases!), and there aren’t always the healthiest options available. Bringing some things from home can save you money and from hunger – things that are small and travel well, like granola bars, 100 calorie packs, and packages of dried fruit/trail mix are great to help tide you over between giant cookies and Mickey Ice Cream Bars. Don’t forget to pack a cooler.

4. Ponchos: It will most likely rain at least once on your WDW vacation, so I recommend you come prepared with ponchos – they can be purchased at Target/Walmart for under $10 each, and are generally thick and rainproof and will keep you pretty dry. They can be slightly bulky to pack in your Parks bag, so as an alternative – you can purchase thin plastic ponchos at a dollar store. They are definitely not great quality, and won’t keep you as dry, but they are better than nothing and are a lot smaller than the more expensive ponchos mentioned above. When it starts raining, you can always dash into the nearest souvenir shop and purchase Disney Ponchos, but I like to bring my own so I don’t have to rush off and spend more money and risk getting wet in the process!

5. Ziploc Baggies: These are useful for a lot of things – mainly, saving part of a snack that you bought but couldn’t finish all of (like a Butterfinger Cupcake or other delicious baked good!), and to save your most important items from rain/rides – I keep all batteries, cameras, cell phones, important paperwork and wallets in their own baggies, in case that rain is enough to soak through my messenger bag (which can happen, trust me!). I bring several baggies in varying sizes, and the gallon size ones are great for stashing your wet ponchos after the rain has stopped!

Be sure to pack all of these in a Ride-Friendly Bag – one that will fit easily between your legs/around you when on rides – I prefer a messenger bag for toting around the parks, its big enough and easy to open and my husband and I can take turns carrying it (another important quality, as you don’t want one person stuck with lugging it around all day!)

Another general tip that I know has been mentioned before by many people (but definitely bears repeating!), is be sure to wear sneakers when going to the Parks. Personally, I hate wearing sneakers with shorts, I think it looks dorky and makes my feet look huge, and would rather wear flip flops any day…except for days at Walt Disney World that is! Years of experience have taught me that sneakers offer more support, and are more comfortable long term – so as much as you may want to let your feet breathe freely in those flip flops – save them for trips to the pool, you’ll be glad you did!

Some of the 5 items listed above may seem obvious and easy, but trust me it’s just as easy to forget these items, and you will definitely be sorry if you are stuck without them! Bringing these items will help keep everyone happy, and that is what you want when you’re vacationing in the Happiest Place on Earth! Also be sure to check my other article Disney World Quick Tips – Adults, don’t leave home without these items for more.

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4 thoughts on “Avoid Adult Meltdowns By Toting These 5 Items To The Parks!

  1. Generally whatever bag you pick will have to be moved/removed on the rides. I personally wouldnt use a backpack, as theres no real good way to secure it to myself while on a ride. I prefer the messenger bag as it has a long strap, and I can wrap it around my waist or my feet (and can then hold it between my feet during rides like rock n roller coaster!). Theres no really good place to put a bag you cant wrap around yourself on ridesand I agree with u I wouldnt want to leave a bag while on a ride! I would skip thebackpack in favor of messenger bags/purses with crossbody straps. Ps u will have such an amazing time-chridtmas at disney is magical!!

  2. QUESTION: I am taking my family to Disney World for the first time the week before Christmas. I was considering taking a light sports backpack through the parks. Do you recommend this? Or would it be inconvenient when riding rides (would I have to take it off my back to ride something, etc…)? I ask this because I don’t exactly want to have to leave my backpack unattended while I am riding a ride, because it will have my family’s valuables in it.

  3. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    5. Yes

    Also remember to put dental floss in your park bag! Nothing is worse than food stuck in your teeth all day long!

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