Author Rick Riordan and ‘Percy Jackson’ Fans Want A ‘Percy Jackson’ Disney+ Series

Author Rick Riordan and ‘Percy Jackson’ Fans Want A ‘Percy Jackson’ Disney+ Series. Rick Riodan’s Best Selling Series, Percy Jackson, has seen a resurgence of support for a live-action adaption from fans after a stage adaption of the popular YA book series was well received by audiences. The movement has become so popular it sparked a hashtag on social media, #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson.

You may be asking, “Wait… Wasn’t that already a movie?” Well, Yes, but the films made by 20th Century Fox were wildly disappointing to avid Percy Jackson fans, and the fanbase has turned to Disney to re-adapt the books, possibly as a Disney+ Series. This would make sense since Disney has recently acquired Fox. The movement has started to make waves and caught the attention of author Rick Riordan, who seems to be reaching out on behalf of fans everywhere.

Rick shared to Twitter, “Thank you, guys, for getting this trending with no prompting.. I have nothing to announce on this front yet, but I am in LA right now, trying hard to convince the powers-that-be that this needs to happen for you, the fans. You enthusiasm online helps!”

Fans have been sharing their support online and their emotional plea to see Percy Jackson “done right” this time, and the chance to see the characters stories told with the same passion as they were shared in the book series.

There is no word yet if Disney plans to answer this call to action, but Disney+ would be a fitting home for the series should a deal be struck.

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