Is Artemis Fowl Coming Out Of Hiding and onto the big screen?

Artemis Fowl

Walt Disney Pictures has had the rights to “Artemis Fowl” for years but has kept it on the shelf.  Recent rumors have Kenneth Branagh signed on the adapt the book into a Disney move.  Along with Conor McPherson in charge of the script and Harvey Weinstein as co-producer, the story written by Eoin Colfer, follows 12 year old Artemis Fowl, millionaire and criminal mastermind who along with his sidekicks plots to steal the pot of gold from the fairies.  Kidnapping one of the fairies, puts Captain Holly Short, in charge of the LEPrecon (Lower Elements Police Reconnaisance Unit) and Commander Root on their trail.  Both will stop at nothing to get Artemis Fowl and rescue the kidnpapped fairy.

One of my favorite books, the series is full of adventures and perfect for Disney audiences. Follow for updates and more about Disney parks, studio and movie news from your favorite Entertainment Writer.

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