Are All Disney Rumors Bad?

Disney is going to build another Theme Park in the United States. Disney is going to convert all of its animation over to CGI. Disney is going to build a DVC Resort on the Moon. Walt Disney is going to be resurrected and run for President! OK, I admit, that last one was a bit far fetched.

Yet, aren’t some of the Disney rumors that you have heard just about as far-fetched? Sometimes our wishful thinking can make it possible for Disney the Corporation to achieve just about anything. But then reality kicks in. Hard!

No matter how much we spread Disney rumors. No matter how much we debate them. And no matter how hard we want them to be real. Most rumors just don’t come true. Then why do we keep spreading them? Because it’s fun!

Come on. Admit it. You love speculating on the future of the Mouse House! After all, Walt Disney did achieve many things that people of his day thought were impossible. A full-length animated feature film? A weekly full-color TV program? A Theme Park built in an orange grove? These things were written off as impossible by most at the time, and probably written off as mere rumors.

But they all came true.

Now we wonder if a DVC Resort, rumored to appear on the old Discovery Island property, will actually be built. This rumor started because an Imagineer was seen on the site.

That brings us to our main question: Are all Disney rumors bad?

Let’s start by analyzing why the answer might be ‘yes’. Sometimes a rumor can be destructive. It can create an expectation that will never be met. It can also distract us from the marvelous things that are actually happening for real. Perhaps worst of all, it can let the cat out of the bag! How many times has the Disney Surprise been ruined by an early rumor?

But let’s look at why the answer might be ‘no’, a Disney rumor is not bad. There’s an old saying in show business: No publicity is bad publicity. What this means is that anything that creates a buzz around a production is good for the production, even if the buzz is bad. So sometimes a rumor can create a welcoming atmosphere, one of anticipation, for a new Disney direction.

But I think there is another, better, reason to answer ‘no’ to our question.

Our response to a rumor provides Disney Imagineers (and company executives and the bean counters) a free poll on what the Disney fan is thinking and wanting. Companies regularly pay huge sums of money to get that kind of information! But we give it them for free.

And what do we ask for in return? That the odd rumor come true.

The Point: Don’t keep that Disney rumor to yourself. No matter how far-fetched!

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